Veterinary Vaccines

In 2007, GalenBio initiated a clinical program for a cocktail poultry vaccine against two important infectious pathogens: Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae. M. gallisepticum infection is of considerable economic importance to the poultry industry worldwide. Such infections are the major cause of reduced egg production, reduced hatchability and downgrading of meat carcasses. Losses to the broiler chicken industry are estimated at $588 million in the United States alone. Additionally, an estimated 37% of the commercial egg laying birds in the United States (262 million birds in 2006 are infected with M. gallisepticum, resulting in an annual loss of $132 million to that industry. M. synoviae is involved in the development of synovitis and chronic respiratory disease in chickens, with detrimental commercial effects (i.e., reduced egg production, hatchability and downgraded meat quality) similar to those of M. gallisepticum.

Additional vaccines are under development for swine, for such pathogens as PRRSV, M. hyopneumoniae and PCV2, along with a M. bovis vaccine for cattle.

GalenBio expects to complete its clinical program in 2011 and launch first veterinary products, in 2013.

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