Our Technology – Your Products

The benefits of working with GalenBio on your vaccine development project are compelling.


The Stealth Microparticle™ technology allows for rapid, cost effective development of efficacious vaccines that are designed to activate the immune system. You can expect a significant increase in the “hit rate” for efficacy screening by using the GalenBio system approach – thereby reducing both time and costs for product development.

The timing of individual steps of our workflow varies, as indicated below. From beginning of project to initiation of efficacy, safety and dosing studies will take anywhere from 8 to 16 months.

  • Preparatory Work: 2-3 months
  • Computer-based and biopanning selection: 1-6 months (dependent on the number of sequenced genomes that need to be evaluated, the size of each genome, etc.)
  • Construct vaccine candidates and in vitro testing: 2-4 months (dependent on the number of epitopes)
  • Evaluation of vaccine candidates in animal models: 4-6 months (dependent on the particular animal model)
  • Efficacy, safety and dose studies: Varies


Beyond greatly reducing vaccine costs, cold storage and cold shipping can be eliminated, administration routes other than injection (e.g., mucosal) can be utilized – thereby opening up markets previously difficult to access, such as developing countries, for emerging pathogens and biodefense applications. Furthermore, given the proven scalability of both the microparticle carriers and the poly-epitopes, manufacturing of 100+ million doses per month are achievable within our current manufacturing facility in existing facilities.


Experimental results to date suggest that the same Stealth Microparticle™ technology can be applied to produce therapeutic vaccines to address major chronic diseases.

GalenBio has established collaborative efforts with vaccine companies and livestock producers and is jointly developing new veterinary vaccine products. GalenBio has initiated a number of human vaccine development projects.

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