GalenBio’s Stealth Microparticles™



GalenBio has created a unique and novel synthetic vaccine system, employing pathogen-size (1-5µm) microparticles as carriers and algorithms to select protective epitopes (antigens), excluding “escape” epitopes. The microparticles, composed of natural polysaccharides, are biocompatible and biodegradable.
GalenBio has proprietary, optimized coupling chemistries to attach the right proprietary combinations of epitopes and adjuvant molecules to direct the character of the immune response. Pattern recognition receptor (PRR) agonists and other adjuvant molecules are immobilized along with epitopes on the surface of the carrier. The combination of adjuvant molecules is selected to synergistically enhance the effect of the individual molecules and induce a tailored immune response against the pathogen of interest.

Thus, the GalenBio Stealth Microparticle™ appears to the host to be a pathogen and induces the host’s immune system to mount a tailored and appropriate response against the pathogen. Moreover, these engineered vaccines not only prevent an infection, but can be employed therapeutically to eliminate the pathogen from the host.

Innate Immune Enhancers

The synergistic combination of adjuvant molecules immobilized on microparticles, without the antigen (Innate Immune Enhancer), can stimulate the innate immunity against a broad spectrum of pathogens. In animal studies, GalenBio has shown that an Innate Immune Enhancer can increase the efficacy of antibiotic treatments. This increase of innate immune response has also been shown to reduce or eliminate stress-induced immune suppression that would be particularly useful, for example, in combat situations, and to accelerate recovery from illnesses. In addition, innate immune enhancers can increase the efficacy of vaccines, thereby stretching out existing vaccine supplies and increase the efficacy of anti-viral, anti-fungal and other anti-infective therapies.

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