Career opportunities

Galenbio is a young company, but rich in experience. We are located in Carlsbad, California, near just norht of San Diego. We have expanded our activities into Europe ( and located a laboratory at the Research Triangle Europe (RTE) in a University town on the Danube River in north-west Hungary, within 30 kilometers from Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia.

Right from the start, GalenBio’s staff has been international and multicultural. That will continue as we develop in both our California and European locations. Our success is predicated on our ability to recruit and retain highly qualified and motivated people in all areas of the company. We are committed to developing, promoting and maintaining an inclusive, high-performance culture where we can leverage each other’s talents, skills and backgrounds, nourish innovative thinking, and help our employees achieve their full potential while contributing to GalenBio’s success.

GalenBio has a full range of professional administrative and research positions. Please don't hesitate to contact us >> !

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