Company Profile


GalenBio, headquartered near San diego, California, is an innovation driven company for vaccines and delivery technology. Galenbio also has
an additional facility in Research Triangle, Europe, near the cities of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

GalenBio has developed a unique and proprietary pathogen-mimicking Stealth Microparticle™ technology to harness the ability of pathogens to direct the innate and adaptive immune system, for the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.

GalenBio’s product focus is on vaccines for human and veterinary applications. The technology has equal potential for preventive and therapeutic vaccines. The Stealth Microparticle™ can be used in a variety of applications where targeted delivery of the molecules is important – for example, anti-cancer drugs, genes, plasmids, monoclonal antibodies and DNA/iRNA.

GalenBio is developing several veterinary vaccines for specific indications in cooperation with large-pharma partners and livestock producers. GalenBio develops vaccines of its own for specific indications, against tumor viruses and other pathogens that participate in chronic inflamatory diseases and cancer.

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